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Discovering Poland

The second destination of Nature as a gift -project was Poland and the trip took place in May (19th-25th). Our fantastic and magnificent group consisted of Nelli, Julia, Ida-Marie, Emma, Vesku and Kalle. During the week we got to know many new and interesting people and learned much about Polish culture and life style. Even though the schedule varied constantly and everything didn't go like we expected, our voyage was awesome and unforgettable.

 Countries in Comenius -project: Poland, Germany, Finland, Italy and Turkey.

Over the seven days in Poland we caught to do all kind of things. For instance we visited in zoo, ate bread (bun), watched Polish folk dance show, ate bread (bun), were 600 metres under the ground in salt mine of Keodawa, ate bread (bun), went shopping, ate bread (bun), played Mölkky, ate bread (bun), had a barbecue party, ate bread (bun), sat on the bus a lot, ate bread (bun), had presentations and swam in the Hilton's pools.

Beautiful park in  Warsaw
Waiting for the tour in salt mine
Lazy lion in the zoo
Old city of Warsaw

We spent all evenings in the school's dormitory with other Comenius participants without anything special to do. Showers were awfull but after all we had really great time there - actually we laughed too much because of silly jokes and sleepiness. It took some time to get used to Polish cuisine since they ate only three times per day. We also learned that Polish people love bread (bun). Free time in dormitory was a positive thing because we had a lot of time to get to know each other well, though. People were friendly and open-minded although everyone wasn't able to speak English very well.

 -Emma & Julia ♥

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