sunnuntai 20. tammikuuta 2013

(Jäätelö)kesä keskellä talvea

Hallitus osoitti jälleen kerran suurta nokkeluutta ja päätyi järjestämään (jäätelö)kesä keskellä talvea -teemapäivän kouluvuoden kylmimpänä perjantaina. Koulun Twitteriä lainatakseni: ”Koomisen näköistä kun porukka kulkee kesävermeissä talven kylmimpänä päivänä.”

Koska päivä oli huikean lämpöinen, tarjoiltiin ruokalassa pinaattikeiton kaverina hallituksen sponsoroimia jäätelöitä. Toiset jopa innostuivat kehumaan, että jäätelön viilentävän vaikutuksen vuoksi sortsit jalassa ei tullut ollenkaan hiki!

Päivän parasta antia oli tietenkin hallituksen järjestämä huikea kilpailu, jossa tarkoituksena oli jätesäkistä ja mahdollisesti myös sanomalehdistä rakentaa häikäisevä kesäasu. Osallistujamäärä ylitti odotukset ja mukaan innostui myös yksi opettaja. Hyvä Jari!

Hallituksen arvovaltainen tuomaristo päätti antaa kilpailun ykköspalkinnon Katrin ja Petran upealle asukokonaisuudelle, jossa oli mekon lisäksi panostettu koruihin. Erityisesti sanomalehtirannekorut olivat huikeat! Palkinnoksi Katri ja Petra saivat paketillisen grillimakkaraa.

Toinen palkinto jaettiin Marjukan ja Julian asulle, josta löytyi trendikkyyttä bandeau-topin muodossa sekä hämmentävästi vaippaa muistuttavat shortsit. Marjukka ja Julia palkittiin kesän tärkeimmällä tuotteella, sinapilla.


tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

NG - (Na)turists in Germany

Nature as a Gift -Comenius project began on the 10th of December at Stuttgart, Germany. Our group (Johanna, Saana, Kati, Jekaterina, Petteri-Setä and Pikku-Kalle) flew to Germany already on the 9th and spent one night in Münich. Mr. Mertala showed us some historical places and also that he can't always read a map. Luckily Kati helped!

On Monday, we took train to Stuttgart. On the way, we keen students had to study physics with the guidance of Mr. Vähä-Heikkilä. We were the first group at the destination and there we headed first to Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium to meet our hosts. After spending the whole afternoon with them in the evening we finally met all the other students and teachers from different countries: Poland, Italy, Turkey and of course Germany. We saw also great music shows by German students.

On Tuesday morning we showed our presentations about schools and countries. It was interesting to see how differently they were made in other groups. After that was a logo competition that a beautiful butterfly logo won. Then we worked together for idioms.

In the afternoon, we had an excursion to Daimler Benz Museum. Guided tour was interesting and the gift shop was huge. Later we went to Christmas market in Esslingen which was amazing. Christmas lights, lots of people and small booths next to each other filled with good food, ornaments, wooden kitchen gear, jewellery, woolly clothes and everything you can imagine. The only minus was that some of us were freezing because of the cold weather.

At the next morning we went to the House of forest which was interesting. There we went out to the woods, discussed a lot about nature and after that got into a snow fight. We have no idea who won, but at least we tried our best against Polish people.
Then we went to Stuttgart city and did some shopping and eating. After that we headed ice-skating to indoor ice rink. We Finns were naturally one of the best ones, so we spent our evening assisting for example Italians.

On Thursday we had presentations on pollution and protection of the environment. When we were finished  we began to work for our idiom projects in the same groups than we did before.
In the afternoon we planted a tree with a mayor of Ostfildern and got in the next day's newspaper.

In the evening we had a multicultural dinner. Every country made their own special food. We prepared "pottumuusi", "porkkanaraaste" and "ruisleipää savuahvenella", because our teachers had been smart and brought some smoked perch and rye bread from Finland.

The next morning was our time to leave. Before that we went to school and had our farewell. Everyone wrote their impressions about others to black board, and the most popular thing they wrote about us was that we have funny teachers in Finland. And by the way, after this trip these dear teachers have lots of new nick names that you all may only guess. Other students also thought that we students were extremely good ice skaters and that Finnish is funny language.

We took a train from Stuttgart to Münich and tried to study a bit again. That led some of us write post cards, knit, sleep, eat and think what 88 greetings really mean. When Johanna had her moment of epiphany aloud, the few people around us may have fulfilled their daily amount of shock at the same time. After a quick visit to our hotel we took another train to Dachau. There we went to concentration camp. It was a really impressive place, but not as terrifying that could be expected.

Joyful Kalle in crematorium.

In the afternoon we did some shopping again and then went to eat. The restaurant was small, sentimental and full of people. The food was good but partly late.

The last day we traveled home, tired but happy.