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Nature as a Gift - Turkey

In the beginning of November a part of the students involved in Nature as a Gift -project (Reetta, Salla, Anna-Helena and Jasmin) travelled to Istanbul, Turkey with two of our teachers: Vesku and Jari. There was a lot to see and visit in Istanbul (at least our hosts thought like that, so we didn't have enough time for shopping...) We also had a chance to get to know how the local teens use their free time and we spent time with different kind of activities: some included environment, some didn't.

Galata tower was the first place where we visited. From the top you can see almost whole Istanbul and a part of Asia.

We visited in the Blue Mosque which was one of the largest mosque that we saw.

On Monday we went to the Istanbul Aquarium where we saw some fish like this.

We also got in the same picture with Poseidon!
On the last day in Istanbul, we visited the Dolmabaçhe Palace. It's huge...

One day at the school we had a "little" art project:
We started with a few bottles...
and several hours later ended up with this. (recycle..?)

After all, we all were very pleased with the trip and Turkey. People in Turkey were welcoming and friendly, even though most of them wasn't able to speak English very well. Turkish food was also really good if we don't count that kebab-overload we all had. We all made it back to Finland in one piece and that is all what really matters! (so few lost plane tickets means nothing, right?)

Text and pictures: Jasmin and Anna-Helena

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